Founded in 2002, Abaka strives to design eco-responsible clothing constructed using the highest standards of sewing reminiscent of a small scale, artisan-style atelier. Designed and sewn in Canada, Abaka sources out the best fabrics in bamboo viscose, hemp, organic cotton, and tencel. Abaka excels in creating classic pieces that never go out of style, for those who love the comfort, durability, and feel of natural fabrics. Entirely made in Canada!

The name Abaka is taken from tagalog – a language spoken in the Philippines – and means manila hemp. The seeds of the company were sewn when Mario Hamelin discovered the wonderful comfort and durability of hemp clothes during an extended trip through Asia. While he loved the fabric, clothing choices were limited, so he purchased his first hemp fabric roll and made some pants for himself. Those pants became the design for our much-loved Kaméléon pants, a staple of our collection today. At Abaka, we strongly believe in the virtues of hemp, and our goal is to promote as many items made from this miraculous plant as we can. While tencel, organic cotton and bamboo are wonderful additions to the eco-garment fabric roster, hemp will always be the inspiration and foundation of our company.

Abaka is small artisanal company based in Quebec, Canada. The garments are cut in our workshop in Shawinigan, and the dressmaking is done by seamstresses in their homes, as well as small manufacturers located in Victoriaville and Montréal. Our clothes are basically handmade! Our employees have very good salaries and conditions, and that is why some of them have been with us for ten years now.  Recently two new partners joined our team, Karine B as the main designer and Louis G as the production guy, to help us respond more effectively to the growing demand while maintaining the same excellent service.

We offer quality products in classic styles, and are proud that our customers come back year after year. Natural fibers are comfortable, durable, and just feel good to the touch. Try them and you will never go back!